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Valley of Fire Tours

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Valley of Fire State Park Tours. Just 58 miles from Las Vegas and named for the magnificent red sandstone formations formed from shifting sand dunes during the age of the dinosaurs, more than 150 million years ago! These brilliant sandstone formations can appear to be on fire when reflecting the sun’s rays. Other important rock formations include limestone, shale, and conglomerates. Today you can self drive, hop aboard a luxury motor coach, rent a motorcycle and ride or climb aboard a breathtaking helicopter flight to see the majestic beauty of Nevada’s oldest State Park, spanning approximately 35,000 acres.
The Valley of Fire is located in the Mojave Desert and is marked as Nevada Historical Marker #150 and the Valley of Fire Road is the main road through the park.  The 10.5 mile (16.9 km) road connects the east and west entrances of the park and was designated as a Nevada Scenic Byway in 1995.
Prehistoric people of Valley of Fire included the Anasazi, who were famers from the nearby fertile Moapa Valley. Their visits to Valley of Fire probably involved hunting, food gathering, and religious ceremonies.  There are fine examples of rock art (petroglyphs) at several locations throughout Valley of Fire. Dominated by creosote bush, burro bush, and brittlebush, the Valley of Fire also houses cactus species such as beaver tail and cholla. The springtime blooms with desert marigold, indigo bush, and desert mallow.  This makes the park look especially spectacular in the spring! Winters are mild with temperatures ranging from freezing to 75 degrees.  Daily summer highs often exceed 100 degrees.  Summer temperatures can vary significantly from day to night.  Average annual rainfall is four inches, coming from light winter showers and summer thunderstorms.
Valley of Fire Film History
The Professionals with Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin, and Claudia Cardinale was filmed in 1966. Part of the movie set is still present at White Domes
The 1984-1987 CBS TV show Airwolf used the Valley of Fire, named The Valley of the Gods in the show, as the secret hiding place of the stolen Super-helicopter Airwolf
Cherry 2000 uses the Beehives group camping area as the Sky Ranch compound of the lead antagonist
The outside Mars scenes from Total Recall, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, were almost totally shot in Valley of Fire
Star Trek Generations was filmed in Valley of Fire, and it was here that Captain Kirk fell to his death
Criss Angel filmed an extreme stunt on his show: Criss Angel Mindfreak here
DominoA scene in the film where the protagonists crash their RV in the Valley of Fire
The 2007 movie Transformers filmed a scene where the Autobots are driving along the valley with other military vehicles during sunset